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Original work of 10X7in

Alcohol inks and Posca markers on Yupo paper. Mounted on 12X9in wood panel


Roots ”  evokes my social network in real life. The exchanges, the conversations and the support I receive allow me to grow and become a better person every day. 

This morning, sipping my morning coffee, I felt very satisfied with this work in autumnal colors. Also satisfied to have created it with a friend during a party while sipping a glass of rosé. Full of gratitude for this beautiful connection. 

It was then that a light breeze deposited at my feet a very small feather with a red tip. Probably that of a cardinal whose family took up residence in my courtyard at the beginning of the summer. It made me smile because life has the gift of bringing us random little gifts. And it is in this state of gratitude that I know how to recognize them the most. 🧡 see a zoom of this feather in the comments.

UV protection layer.

Comes with its certificate of authenticity. 

Sales taxes do not apply to this purchase. 

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