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Workshops will be back in the Spring

(sanitary conditions permitting) 

ChildrenMixed media workshops

Artist Louise Forget guides young people aged 7 to 14 to explore their creativity during mixed media workshops.

Duration of the workshop 2 hours

Included: All equipment

Cost:  $30 per person. 

Number of participants Minimum 4, maximum: 10

The objective of the workshop is to allow participants to explore their creativity through different mediums and techniques.  


The emphasis is on exploring and manipulating material. I explain from the start that in art, there are no mistakes, only happy coincidences and learning.  I encourage participants to give themselves permission to explore and make mistakes, guiding them to find solutions to transform what they love less. They are the artists so I let them make the decisions about their creations and I don't touch their works.  


During the workshop, we first practice the techniques on a mixed medium cardboard. I demonstrate a  technique at a time and then the participants practice it on their cardboard.  


  • Apply different papers in collage using an acrylic medium;

  • Use stencils 

  • Use stamps and dies

  • Create backgrounds using spray paints (weather permitting we do this outside)

  • Apply the acrylic paint with a brush and with various objects (plastic cards, spatulas, sponges, block of wood, corks, etc.)

  • Experiment with acrylic inks with water spray for a watercolor effect.

  • Use Posca acrylic markers to add detail 

  • Embellish their creations with tights, washi tape and sequins.

  • Try alcohol inks on synthetic paper.


When the demonstrations are complete, participants can use all the techniques learned to create their own personalized notebook or box. Other projects are also available depending on the material (light bottle, rock painting, ceramic, plant pot, bird feeder, wood panel, etc.)  I supervise the use of techniques, recall certain notions, draw their attention to certain details that I notice and I suggest alternatives if there is a blockage.  


Participants must wear clothes that they are not afraid of staining or an apron. 

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