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Biography Louise Forget

Creative, positive, curious and engaging soul. Louise was introduced to oil painting at the age of 14. After studying history, she served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for 12 years where she gave up her creative side somewhat. It was when he left the Canadian Forces that art emerged as a way to redefine oneself outside of the uniform.

She resumed oil, then pastel, then acrylic, following training in composition in the painting space at Atelier Beauvoir in Sherbrooke with the artist-painter Arseno. After the birth of her two boys in 2011 and then in 2013, it was during training in intuitive painting with the artist-painter Jade Picard that her passion for the intensity of colors, contrasts and nuances.

In August 2019, she fell in love with the rich colors of alcohol inks. The exploration of this medium gives her a lot of pleasure because she must combine unpredictable fluidity with her meticulous side. She has been sharing this passion for a few months with small groups during home workshops.


Artistic approach


Self-taught visual artist, Louise finds in the creative process a way to discover and define herself.

Her approach leads her to explore the intensity of colors, the subtlety of nuances and the strength of contrasts.

Alcohol ink is his preferred medium. She seeks the balance between the unpredictable fluidity of vibrant colors and the meticulous details inspired by her observations which she superimposes on them.


Her works revolve mainly around floral and botanical themes, symbols of femininity and emotions. The Universe that she creates intuitively is often surreal, suspended in space but always colorful and rich in detail.

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