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Identity (2022)

Identity (2022)


24X18in artwork on gallery canvas

Mixed media: paint and acrylic ink, collage, oil pastels, liquid gold leaf.


This artwork was created as part of a project to raise funds for the Red Cross' Humanitarian Fund for Ukraine.


Feeling powerless while witnessing the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, fellow artists Nancy Létourneau (Studio Pixels) and Mélissa Wilcox (Miss Wilcox) came up with the idea of a virtual auction.


The project: Creation of a self-portrait with the traditional Ukrainian flower wreath, symbol of pride and identity of Ukrainian women.


One thing leading to another, the works of 113 professional and amateur artists were added to the Facebook album where the many supporters of the project could bet until March 17 at 6 p.m.


In all, 18 270$ were raised for the Red Cross.


My work ''Identity'' was sold for $410, which was given in full to the Red Cross.



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